You’ve seen this before, right? Before a particularly detailed documentary you probably shouldn’t have let your children watch. Before a TV episode you regretted for weeks. Sometimes we think we can handle what we are about to see, then later we are haunted by grotesque nightmares night after night. I had an experience like this a couple weeks ago.

I had done some reading about the persecuted church and Chistian martyrs worldwide. Then last week I was looking up some statistics on worldwide martyrdom of Christians when I saw it-

A picture of 2 girls from Indonesia who were beheaded in 2005. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that in my entire life. That image will probably be seared on my brain for years to come.

As I tried to process what I had just seen, I was convicted. I mean, 2 young women- someone’s daughters, possibly someone’s sisters,and loved ones lost their lives for something I have all too often been silent about. And why? Because I was afraid people might laugh at me or look at me strangely. So now, I pray for boldness and resolve to continue “fighting upstream” against the current no matter the cost.

The challenges here in the United States don’t yet come in the form of angry mobs ready to slaughter me and those I love. The current I fight against is the current of society that tells me I should “get rich or die trying.” A current that tells me that although God commands my love and respect, I can still do what I want, how I want and when I want. A current that tells me that I can give God as much love and respect as is convenient.

For example, how can we think that we can take “the Lion of Judah” out of some “cage” and show Him some attention on Sunday mornings, then put Him back until the next week?


Oh, and don’t forget about Super Bowl Sunday! Well, apparently on that special occasion, I am “legalistic” and “too religious” if I do any more than sing some worship songs to God during an especially long commercial break.

I can feel it already- the sneers and comments (“Did he just go after our Almighty Super Bowl?!”) Well after all the times the Bible says to show God reverence and live on HIS terms, I can not live otherwise. (Lev. 19:30; Lev. 26:2; Ps. 2:11; Ps. 89:7)

These girls were bold enough to be a witness for Christ even though there was obvious danger and it eventually cost them their lives. If people around the world can have this faithfulness even to death, why are we still afraid of the sneers of classmates and work associates? Why are we terrified that someone might disagree with a Facebook post or status, or that someone might actually “unfriend” us?

So, before you go, I invite you to watch this short video about another person unashamed to suffer for her beliefs. Is what you are living for also worth dying for?